crossculture-trainingThe world seems to be getting smaller. We are on the move and we are interacting with people from other cultures, and most people want to do it well. Having knowledge of cultural similarities and differences is vital to successful interactions with other cultures. Understanding while not stereotyping is the goal.  Developing cultural competence will be invaluable to your business and/or your new life.

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Getting the Message Right

Getting The Message Right(2) for websiteCommunication is a vital component of doing business. However cultural variations can impact a person’s ability to successfully communicate. Understanding the cultural differences is important. Equally essential is developing the skills to make presentations, negotiate deal and communicate your message in multicultural situations.

Download the pdf of an except of Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly’s presentation”Getting the Message right.”

Accompanying Spouse

Accompany Spouse cover 1Whether the accompanying spouse is happy influences the success of an assignment. They need to feel valued and maintaining self-esteem is crucial. Instead of seeing what you left behind, see the possibilities.

Download the pdf of an excerpt of Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly’s presentation “Accompanying Spouses/Partners – Turning Lemons into Lemonade.”

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Having Good Manners Abroad – 9 memory joggers

Most people are taught at a young age to be polite. Like many aspects of expat life, most of us assume what constitutes good manners is universal until we relocate. It is then we realize that the expectations are not the same. Because people are frequently judged by their manners, nothing as formal as diplomatic […]