Intercultural Coaching

Intercultural Coaching

An individual in multi-cultural work environments need to understand what leadership and/or work style(s) will allow him/her to achieve the organization’s desired results. This person needs to be authentic, but he/she also has to adapt to his/her work culture. Previous successes with a style make an employee hesitant to change. Intercultural coaching focuses on process of helping an individual to understand the cultural differences which can create obstacles to an otherwise talented person’s success.

Intercultural coaching is a process aimed at an helping an individual develop and evolve his/her cultural knowledge and skills to eliminate burdens to the person’s successful.

Employers and employees need to remember that behavioral changes take time.

The Process


  • Introspection by participant to gain cultural awareness
  • Review and comparison of cultural variations – cultural dimensions
  • Determine which business functions are impacted
  • Development of practical approaches and tools for the business functions
  • Practice implementing the modified style
  • Evaluate and modify employee’s approach
  • Repeat the process as needed
  • Conclude with an enhanced, authentic, culturally-sensitive work style (evolution)