Relocation Training

Relocation Preparation Program

Understanding the differences of working and living in another country is important to both the employee and his/her family.  The variations may be small or great but they are numerous and sometimes subtle. Participants  gain insight into cultural variations and the training program helps the assignee and family to have realistic expectations.  This leads to a smoother transition and ultimately to adaption to the new way of life. The relocation preparation training can make the difference between a successful or failed relocation.

She has assisted assignees and their families relocating around the world including:

  • From the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to the United States or England
  • From the United States to Europe
  • From Mexico to the Netherlands
  • From Japan to Hungary
  • From the Netherlands to Belgium
  • From  Europe and the United States to China


This program is designed to help individuals to understand the attitudes and values of a specific culture with which they will be living and working.  Gaining insight into the underlying factors that influence behaviors is essential. The relocation training will enable individuals to better appreciate expat life and the extent of cultural differences. With knowledge comes respect, tolerance and understanding of others and their attitudes, believes and behaviors.  The primary goal of the program is to build the cultural competence of individuals.

The program is divided into two parts, the first part provides information about cultural variations in order to create realistic expectations and the second part delves into the specific cultural differences of the new country.  Where a appropriate, a country expert will participate in the training course.

Part I: Breadth and Subtleties of Cultural Variations

  • Spectrum of Cultural Variations
  • Sources of Cultural Attitudes and Values
  • Subtlties of Cultural Differences
  • Self-awareness Evaluation

Part II: Country Specific Information

  • General Country Awareness
  • Doing Business Topics
  • Living in the New Country
  • Area Specific Information
  • Wrap Up

Optional: Program Follow up

After settling into a new location, families may have additional questions about their new life.  A one-hour meeting or Skype call can be arranged with the trainer.


The training program should be conducted no more that a month before departure to the new country or within a few weeks after the assignee and family has arrived.