Subtle Differences, Big Faux Pas
by Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly

This book aims to help you appreciate that just because something is done one way in your country does not mean it is acceptable in another. This book is a fun, light-hearted, but very important first step towards establishing intercultural awareness.

Using fist names may seem like a friendly way to begin a meeting, but will your business associates see it that way? Want to give yellow flowers to express gratitude and friendship to your dinner hostess… but will she understand the message? Will your thumbs-up gesture be interpreted as positive or offensive? Situations like these arise regularly when you interact with individuals from different cultures. Cross-cultural gaffes can hurt relationships, business deals and your chance of happiness overseas.

Cross-cultural trainer, Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly, is an American and former healthcare executive. She is married to a Belgian and now lives and works in several European countries

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