Cross-Culture Consulting

Cultural awareness is a bit like communication and management, they are basic concepts that people understand, but huge mistakes can be made and they can be costly. Organizations that recognize the value of understanding the cultures in which they are working, have a much more positive track record of success.

Appreciating the value of intercultural competence is important, but creating a culturally sensitive environment with an enlightened staff requires specific expertise.

We can design intercultural programs, develop educational materials, train the trainers and suggest policies to develop the foundation for an interculturally enriched workplace.

Available services include:

    • Evaluate company or organization’s existing intercultural programs to identify opportunities
    • Conduct intercultural needs assessment
    • Develop and provide cross-cultural seminars e.g. working effectively across cultures
    • Provide cross-cultural workshops, e.g., multi-national teams
    • Create intercultural orientation programs
    • Conduct global awareness training programs
    • Assist in intercultural skills development for multi-national leadership
    • Help organizations to identify interculturally based value-added services and products
    • Contribute to management retreats – topical presentations

Companies and their leadership who embrace the value of cultural competency will have more consistent, long-term effectiveness.